What Families Say

“Our Care Manager was an excellent Care Manager. He was kind, caring, respectful, professional and the absolute BEST. He is a sensitive young man who really cared about my son as well as about the impact on the family that his misbehavior was doing to  the family. I and my family owe a great deal to him – Thank you would never be enough."

"Lots of resources available.  I like the team approach."

"Our Care Manager has been very supportive and has always given us all the answers we needed for our son.  He is an asset to our son."

"OPC came to my family in a critical time of our lives.  We were having difficulties with "J" which made me afraid to think for how long I would be able to help her.  Fortunately, (Care Managers) and the team helped us create new and different routes to communicate with her and vice versa.  Thank you all."

"I am so grateful to our Care Manager and everyone who had a part in helping our family.  My son has come a long way.  He uses the tools he was taught by everyone.  Thank you so much for helping our family."

"I will forever be grateful for the support and involvement of CMO.  I will always suggest CMO to families I know in need of help.  Thank you to all of you who take the time and care that you have."

"I am very happy with your services, and I'm very grateful for all the support."









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